• Interment services are scheduled Monday thru Friday 8AM – 2:30PM and at overtime rates at other times. Spaces will be excavated by employees of the cemetery. Interment will not be allowed without a proper burial permit. Burial lot and interment must be paid in full at time of burial.
  • Seats, urns or benches will not be placed on any lot without approval of the Executive Director. Monuments are centered on at least two graves. No monuments are allowed on a single grave.
  • Funeral designs and floral pieces will be removed as soon as they become unsightly.
  • Only a vase for cut or artificial flowers may be used. Plants growing in flower pots are allowed if placed close to the marker. Only one such pot per burial space is allowed. Planting of Perennials or Annuals can be placed in front of a monument up to 10″ from the base.
  • The Cemetery is not responsible for damage or loss of portable articles left on a lot or other part of the cemetery grounds.
  • Flowers are allowed from April 15 – October 15. Winter wreaths are allowed from November 15 – March 15.
  • Flags are removed for the Winter along with the flowers sometime after Veterans Day or the middle of November.
  • No pets allowed in the cemetery.


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